Stay Home and Journey L o n g e r

with Ted Riskin, LCSW

Saturday, January 15, 2022

2:30 pm to 5:30 pm EDT
Wherever you may be

Ted Riskin, LCSW
Ted Riskin, LCSW



A chance to connect online and enter the expanded awareness made possible through Breathwork.  Limited to 15 participants.  We will be sharing with each other via Zoom and providing a music file to download and play on your device.

The online workshops have been great.  Some participants have asked for a longer session, so here we go; this one will be 80 minutes.  Check out the comments below from some of our workshop participants.

Advance registration is required. Please contact Ted if you have any questions or concerns.


After you sign up, I will provide a way for you to test the audio and video technology.  Depending on how many partipants are new to the process, the first half hour (or less) of the workshop will be for answering questions about Breathwork and making sure everyone's technology is sorted out.  Before 3:00, everyone should be checking in and getting connected for our group breathing experience.  Then, we will do one session of 80 minutes, followed by sharing from everyone in the group.  Figure on an ending time of about 5:30.


$35 per person

Scholarships are available - don't be shy to ask!  No one is turned away due to lack of funds.

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Ted Riskin, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in relationship issues and cognitive therapy. Along with certifications in Core Energetics, hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Breath Therapy, and EMDR, he is certified in Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof. He served for five years as President of the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI) and eight years as the music editor for The Inner Door. Ted is currently a faculty member of The Institute of Core Energetics. He has practiced meditation for the past 42 years and has been active in the human development movement for the past 37. He has been facilitating Holotropic workshops regularly since January 1997.


Feedback from Online Breathwork Participants (rollover to pause ticker)


“I was curious whether the breathwork would be as effective at home, and was pleasantly surprised that my experience was as deep and fulfilling as it had been when I attended in-person workshop in Ted and Jeannine’s space. Meeting everyone during the introduction period before we settled in to breathe was important in feeling connected and supported by the other participants. Setting up my space to create a nurturing environment and playing the music through a good speaker helped optimize my journey. Great music! Thank you, Ted and Jeannine!”
“If you experienced a breathwork session in-person you will be surprised how connection to self and others can be facilitated online. Ted & Jeannine’s guiding presence streams into you. Literally! You are not alone and you feel held by others. In a time of isolation this breathwork session helped me feel like I am part of a nation with participants from all over the United States. It felt like home.”
“I felt great! Ted gave excellent guidance up front, we went on our journey, and returned to discuss our experiences with everyone. I felt alive and relieved after my breathwork session. Totally worth it - the affordable price for the session was a gift!”
“Very beneficial, although online, the effects feel the same as in person as Ted and Jeannine are so gifted in holding space, in creating a safe container. Also by the way they introduce the session (sending out reading material beforehand) and after the session (information on closure). The music they used was very vivid and incredibly helpful to dive inside. It feels like a complete experience, traveling into the depths of my being through breath, while feeling unconditional support, although not physically present. I recommend it to anyone who is curious and willing to travel inside!”
“Give it a try - I was skeptical too, but breathing - it still works!”
“It was definitely a valuable and meaningful experience. Despite what you may think, you can feel very connected with people you've never met before even if they are just a square on your computer screen. There is something intimate about hearing someone speak on a personal level, when you also get to see them in their own environment. Also, I think with this online connection you tend to really focus in on people as they are speaking without other distractions so it was an effective way of feeling connected. Based on the connections I felt from this opening portion, I felt like I was part of a community when I started the breathing session. Even though I was alone in my apartment breathing, I didn't feel alone because of the established connection I had with the other breathers and I felt safe knowing that Ted and Jeannine were keeping an eye on us if that's what we chose to do. It also helped to know that we were going to come together after the breathing session to share our experiences. I found the sharing portion very meaningful and got some value out of each person's sharing. In these challenging and isolating times, I'm very grateful for Ted and Jeannine for this gift of being part of a community and doing deep personal work, while still maintaining all social distancing rules.”
“It was surprisingly easy to establish connection with the group and I enjoyed the privacy of breathing alone and reconnecting afterward.”
“The structure of the workshop included a check in with each participant before and after the session, and the freedom to be on or off screen during the breathing portion, while knowing that the facilitators were present. This provided a supportive, contained platform which ignited a moving (literally and figuratively) and healing journey home to myself.”
“It is a wonderful way to have a deeper connection with yourself - so loving.”
“I'd say "try it for yourself!" I'd say that if you aren't really comfortable with intimacy, this is a great way to dip your toes into breathwork without all the touchy-feely stuff that can be off-putting in a normal breathwork session. Also, nothing like having your own home/bed/down comforter to feel at home. Also, one can scream, cry, act out as much as one feels like doing without self-consciousness.”
“It really gave me time and space to go into some material in-depth and be connected to a healing community.”
“I've been practicing breathwork in-person with Ted and Jeannine regularly for a few years. I was so excited to hear that they were offering these workshops online. Their experience as facilitators and the beautiful space that they hold absolutely translates to the online environment. I expect that I will practice breathwork with them more often while they are offering workshops online because the shorter time commitment is even easier to fit into my schedule. I'm so grateful to have their grounding guidance in this practice during this really unsettling time.”
“It's worthwhile - as Ted said, underneath the individual differences we all feel, there is - I agree, although I may be phrasing it differently - a flow of universal energy that we can tap into in an experience such as this.”
“This is a powerful modality, an effective way to get past resistance and allow awareness and emotions which are ready to be felt to bubble to the surface. I highly recommend it!”
“Thank you so much for the other day, and organizing these online sessions. I’ve been finding them so useful, especially during a time when I thought a lot of my interior work might not be able to be explored in the way I wanted to.”
“This was a truly necessary and immediate and sensate experience and I am ever grateful for your offering it.”
“Go for it if it calls to you. Actually it works even online. You may even like the fact that there is no one next to you processing.”
“I told my friend that I gained a lot from it. It was perfect for me because I wanted a baby step before I dive in to an in person session.”
“A good opportunity to focus on yourself and hopefully become aware of and work through some issues.”
“Surprisingly, this weird format seems to work fine. I was a little concerned about people who have intense experiences, especially newbies, and people with abandonment issues feeling a 'retraumatization' rather than a healing. But maybe the document sent beforehand saying 'don't do this if your issues are about abandonment' weeded those people out? IDK. Seemed like people had some pretty deep experiences!”



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