Introduction to Internal Family Systems with ReTribe

with Jane Martin, LPC and Ted Riskin, LCSW

Saturday, May 16, 2020

2:00 - 3:30 EDT
Wherever you may be

Ted Riskin, LCSW
Ted Riskin, LCSW
Jane Martin, LPC
Jane Martin, LPC


Have you ever said, “A part of me wants to do one thing, but another part wants to do something else?”  Or decide to exercise or eat a healthy dinner when you get home, but find yourself following another directive when the time comes?  Or react to someone in a destructive way, knowing that you don't want to, but finding yourself unable to stop? In these cases, you are experiencing what happens when a part of you takes charge and runs the show, even if it’s not in your best interests.  And on the other hand, have you ever simply been in the flow of life and known what to do?  This is the experience of what IFS practitioners call the Self, and it is the place from which we hope to lead our lives as much as possible.

Richard Schwartz, the founder of IFS, has developed a brilliant way to work with the internal parts, helping them release the burdens from the past that make them do what they do and find new healthy roles. As a result, the various parts can relax and stop trying to run things, allowing the Self to naturally emerge and take the lead. Self can be experienced as both personal, facilitating wise choices in life, and transpersonal, revealing our oneness with all that is.

Come and join us to learn more about IFS, get to know your own parts a little better, and meet some like-minded people online.  We intend to provide an experience that is both informative and enjoyable.  Both therapists and normal people are welcome.

Participants in this workshop will join in with those partaking in the 4-day Shift Still Happens retreat.  Bonus: you can deepen your journey by joining us for the whole retreat!

Advance registration is required. Please contact Ted or Jane if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Jane: or 609-598-2182

$30 per person

Scholarships are available - don't be shy to ask!  We turn no one away due to lack of funds.

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Ted Riskin, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in relationship issues and cognitive therapy. Along with certifications in Core Energetics, hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Breath Therapy, and EMDR, he is certified in Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof. He served for five years as President of the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI) and eight years as the music editor for The Inner Door. Ted is currently a faculty member of The Institute of Core Energetics. He has practiced meditation for the past 40 years and has been active in the human development movement for the past 35. He has been facilitating Holotropic workshops regularly since January 1997.

Jane Martin is a Master's Level Breath Therapist in Integration Process Therapy and has been in private practice for ten years. She works as a psychotherapist in her private practice at Northernshire, ReTribe's new land. Her MA in Psychology is from Goddard College, specializing in Child Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a certified Imago Couples Therapist as well as the developer of the Social Harmony program for schools. She has been practicing meditation for 45 years.

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