Stay Home and Journey with Your Parts (Breathwork & Internal Family Systems)
with Ted Riskin, LCSW

Sunday, November 21, 2021

1:30 EDT lecture

2:30 EDT workshop
wherever you may be

We just had a cancellation, opening two spaces, so feel free to register if you'd like to participate.

Ted Riskin, LCSW
Ted Riskin, LCSW


Join me and see what can happen from combining the power of Breathwork with the safety of IFS. The integration of these two modalities is facilitating experiences that have not been available using either one alone.

1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

1:30 -- Introductory lecture on IFS.
You are invited to attend this complimentary talk without signing up for the whole workshop - just choose that option when registering.  Those already familiar with IFS can join at 2:20 or 2:30.

2:20 -- Break or questions about Breathwork or playing the music.

2:30 -- Main workshop begins.


Scholarships are available - don't be shy to ask!  No one turned away due to lack of funds.

Introductory breathing and parts discovery. Breathwork overview. An IFS view of Breathwork. Breathing session of about 60 minutes. Finding out what happened.

Advance registration is required. Please contact Ted if you have any questions or concerns.

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the integration of Breathwork and IFS

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Ted Riskin, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in relationship issues and cognitive therapy. Along with certifications in Core Energetics, hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Breath Therapy, and EMDR, he is certified in Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof. He served for five years as President of the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI) and eight years as the music editor for The Inner Door. Ted is currently a faculty member of The Institute of Core Energetics. He has practiced meditation for the past 43 years and has been active in the human development movement for the past 37. He has been facilitating Holotropic workshops regularly since January 1997.


Participant Feedback (rollover to pause ticker)


“Whenever I tried deep breathing techniques, I encountered discomfort and resistance due to tightness during inhalation. I believed that breathwork was not a good modality for me for these reasons. When Ted told me about using IFS to understand the "parts" that blocked my breathing mechanism, I was curious to try it again. -- During the process, I discovered how, from a very young age, I developed muscular blocks around inhaling. I encountered the child part who learned to protect me from "breathing in" a toxic environment with an immature, volatile mother. This part learned very early on, that in order to save myself, I needed to push people away, rather than be nourished by them. As an adult, I struggle with feeling emotionally nourished and taking care of myself in loving ways. Since the workshop, I have felt a profound shift. I am less blended with my "DON'T INHALE!" part, and the overall result has been that I am breathing more fully and taking steps to fill myself in nurturing ways. -- I believe in the power of these two modalities used together.”
“I really enjoyed your Breathwork/IFS workshop! Thank you for all the info, clear presentations, safe space and your magnificent SELF presence. With this setting, I was able to go very deep into my process and address old stuck stuff. It was so liberating to connect and ask several parts to step aside and to finally release fear stored for so many years. The power, intensity and duration of my energetic release go beyond words. My SELF- energy expanded and allowed a richer fuller experience. I feel lighter and freer today. I look forward with greater appreciation of using both Breathwork and IFS and to your next combined workshop.”
“Wanted to drop this note to you (and Monique) to thank you for yet another amazing class. Learning and actually applying the IFS to the breathwork worked for me. Looking forward to doing it again. You create a space of safety and non judgment, that makes it just so easy for the real self to emerge. The music, the room, the attendees, the sharing, the food--ALL of it perfect for expanded growth.”
“Recently, a few days after doing the breathwork, I celebrated one of my 60-some birthdays. I am writing to share my experience with you both. For most of my life, there has been a part of me that has always felt sad about and around my birthday and then my mother passed away on my birthday 4 years ago so somehow it felt even more fitting that I would feel sad. But here’s the amazing thing: the breathwork session with you last week was transforming for me. For the first time, I felt liberated from the sadness. During the breathwork I had the felt experience of a past life (or lives). I still have difficulty describing it but it was certainly tribal and very powerful involving chanting and dancing and trying to achieve some sort of spiritual transcendence (which was the purpose of the chanting and dancing, if not for myself, for other members of the tribe). Try as I might, I couldn’t achieve it but felt good about just being part of the tribe and maybe helping others to achieve it. And then I had this feeling of falling a great distance (off a cliff?) and being catapulted deep into the water where I thought I might drown. To my absolute surprise, I was able to breathe underwater and I swam like a fish or some sea creature (a dolphin?) and it felt like a baptism. I swam around for a while looking at other fish and the ocean environment and it felt playful and magic. When I decided to return to the land, I was greeted by my tribe and I was celebrated as if I were special. After that I became aware of my mother’s heartbeat and I realized I was going to be born and I knew somehow that she was knocked out and was not going to participate in my birth and also that she, herself, was sad at that time and not wanting a baby. But the tribe had left me with this feeling of “you are brave, you are strong” and so my actual birth into this life just felt like an extension of that ….as if I were coming through my mother but not from her….as if I were coming in to this life with all these blessings and being held by that tribal energy and their belief in me. I cried. After that, there was a lot of holding light and a great sense of compassion for all humans…..more to say about that, but not in this email. So, naturally, driving home, my skeptical parts all had their way with me off and on for the next 24 hours (“Oh you just were so tuned into the music and that’s what gave you your experience”). And I tried to listen to them and give them space and hope they would not convince me that my experience was just the product of a great imagination that allows me to construct my own realities for comfort. But in the end, regardless of all my FIO (Figure It Out) parts (or maybe I was a bit successful in asking them to step aside), some sort of internal peace settled in and I had my first birthday where I could just celebrate my own life and not feel guilty or sad about it. Yes!! So many, many thank yous for your breathwork workshop (well, ‘workshop’ is a pretty inadequate word!). Really, it was your presence and your caring, respectful ways…..and safety of the loving environment that you both created. I felt held (literally and figuratively) by you and I have lots of parts that were very surprised that I could trust in you both in such a brief amount of time as that is not my usual m.o. So that too is a great tribute to you. I love the process of continual learning….but even more, being totally humbled and filled (infused) with a huge compassionate and merciful presence with countless blessings.”
“My sincerest thanks to you and Ted for an incredible experience last Sat. The written materials you sent ahead of time, plus the psycho-ed you presented at the workshop about breathing, "tetany," etc. (plus compassionate energy, i.e., Self energy) -- it felt solid, grounded and it helped me and my anxious parts go forward with the breathing. Then when intense "stuff" started to emerge during the breathing, I felt safe, held and could [finally] let go of a lot of rage, sadness and dismay. Thank you.
“I was very moved by the training Monique and Ted provided. They made everyone feel welcome and at the end of the training it felt as if we had known each other for a long time rather than just a few hours. I had a very profound experience during the breathing exercise we did, felt intense energy pulsing through my hands, feet, and face. I've never felt anything like this before and, once I stopped being afraid of it, understood that I was working directly with my emotions, something I often find hard to achieve in talk therapy. At the end, I felt a real release and calm sense of knowing that was truly beautiful. I've been looking for this a long time. ”
“My experience at your workshop was very meaningful. I connected with a little girl I didn’t connect with for many years and was able to unburden her through the intense crying (tears she was never able to shed in real time), and show her love and appreciation she so deserves. She stayed with me and in the days that followed I felt an energetic shift in me, like there was more space inside, lightness, relief and more joy.”
“These are the comments that were passed onto us after the 2010 IFS Conference: This was amazing!! -- Beautifully presented and great organization. This content was so engaging -- Amazing and really fabulous work. Techniques were terrific -- Powerful -- Beautiful and uplifting -- Please repeat this session next year -- WOW!! -- Brilliant. Thanks so much -- So well done.”


PLEASE NOTE: Breathwork can be contraindicated for the following conditions. Discuss with a facilitator if any apply.
possible infection with Covid-19 - a history of aneurysms - cardiovascular problems - unmedicated high blood pressure - pregnancy - osteoporosis - recent physical injuries or surgeries - detached retina - glaucoma - severe psychiatric symptoms - seizures - taking heavy medication


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