Couples Therapy


Besides the traditional structure of having weekly sessions, couples can come stay at the Fairview Vacation Pad and work with me in a more intense way, custom designing your visit to combine work, play, and relaxation.

Couples have a variety of motivations for seeking therapy.

    It is probably better not to come see me if

  • You're looking for a referee.
  • You want me to prove that you're right and your partner is wrong.
  • You just need a place to vent about how you get victimized.
    But I would love to work with you if

  • You're ready to look at your role in whatever dynamic isn't working.
  • You want to use the relationship dynamic to learn about yourself.
  • You're ready to speak your truth.
  • You want to stop hiding and be who you truly are.

In my work with couples I utilize a range of approaches, including systems theory, Core Energetics, Internal Family Systems, Imago, and David Deida's work. Together, these approaches help couples improve their communication and get into their bodies to work deeply with the issues the relationship is triggering for them.

I enjoy working with couples of all orientations.