Participant Feedback

Bi-Weekly Process Group Quotes

“The core group offers a safe and relaxed environment. You are encouraged to be open and explore your feelings. Even when things feel scary, overwhelming or frustrating, what ever the situation may be, Ted knows how to approach any situation to help you work on it and through it. The group members offer insight and support and even a hug if needed. Whether you want to explore childhood issues or current issues in your life like your job or family, no subject is off limit. It is a warm and supportive group, at time intense, but also with plenty of love, support and laughs.”

“Prior to joining Ted's Process Group, I felt a lot of shame, and very much alone in my issues. I also had a lot of difficulties in my relationships, as I was easily triggered by many things and was constantly overreacting to issues with others. By being in this group I was blessed through Ted's guidance and insights to be able to do work that allowed me to see that my reactions in relationships were based on the reality of my abusive childhood, and not the reality of what was going on in the present. That has been a life-changing experience for me, as I had the opportunity to do work to both heal the trauma of my childhood, and improve my life now. In addition, through the support of and the work of others in the group I see that I am not alone in my struggles, but part of a connected whole, and instead of feeling the deep sense of shame and hatred of myself that i've always felt, i've grown to be more accepting and loving with myself. Being in this group involves a lot of courage, risk-taking, commitment and hard-work, but it is all worth it. I believe that if you are interested in doing deep, personal work, there is no better gift you can give to yourself than joining this group.”

“The process group provided me with an environment where I felt able to open up, take risks, and try out new ways of being in the world. It was a safe place where I felt encouraged by facilitators and other group members to come face to face with those those things that frequently held me back from living a richer life, whether that was at work, alone, or with family and friends. I attribute the many years I spent in the group with having nothing but a positive impact on who I am now. I feel that my work in the group even led to tangible successes such as staying in a healthy, married relationship and job promotions.”

“I had never been in a group before and was a little nervous and somewhat skeptical. I needed emotional support and a safe place to express my most personal feelings and thoughts. Despite my uncertainty, I signed up. My experience evolved into a miraculous journey of personal growth and self development.”

“I learned about myself. I developed a heightened awareness of me in relationship with other people. I learned to establish boundaries and found new ways of dealing with problems and feelings within intimate relationships.”

“The skills I developed have permanently changed the way I view myself and myself in relation to other people. I am finding it easier to function within all my relationships.”

“I want to thank you and the group for helping me. You have made a difference in me - for the good!”

“I think that I have become more aware of my past and current situation by taking a step back and looking at myself from a more objective point of view. When I did this, my situation did not look quite as bleak, and I became even more comfortable with myself as a person. I've stopped blaming myself for lost relationships, while improving my attitude for current and future relationships. I'm not quite as negative about the opposite sex as I was even six months ago (Really! At least outside the group). My attitude has changed, and I'm more positive in my thinking!”

“I learned about myself, about how my loss of love relationship may have been connected to all of the other losses I experienced. I learned to walk through the forest of pain and not be so afraid.”

“I found the openness of the individuals, sharing and honesty to be the most helpful. The group became a sanctuary for me. I could get honest opinions and constructive criticisms that enabled me to strengthen my identity and reaffirm that I'm OK. I am not the same person I was going in. I have successfully changed my way of thinking and now have the ability to maintain a new level of awareness about myself and my surroundings.”

“I learned a lot about myself. I feel I've grown and am a better person. I understand now why I came to put so little value on me.”

“Insight about the dynamics of a group. A chance to think about something other than myself when I was troubled with changes occurring in my life. It was mentally stimulating to figure out what people were saying and meaning.”

“Improved self-confidence in group situations. Better at evaluating current relationships.”

“I feel I accomplished a sense of understanding about myself in relationships. I gained an awareness of how I behave in relationship(s), and why I behaved in the manner I did. I was able to connect with the group, which helped me accept my feelings of loss, etc., and the group allowed me to see various perspectives regarding loss and relationships. The group moved me toward resolution of feelings and ideas that were/are troubling.”

“This was a very new and very positive experience for me. I feel a bit less needy and better about myself, although I am still looking for the "all-encompassing relationship.”

“Through others I learned more about myself.”

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