Philosophy & Approach

I believe therapy should be interesting, adventurous, and enjoyable. I'm not interested in “fixing” anyone, because I don't believe there is anything inherently “wrong” with any of us. Instead, I see my therapeutic role as simply helping you get more of what you want out of life, and less of what you don't want. I also bring a transpersonal perspective to my work, meaning I can help you examine your connection to the larger whole.


First and foremost, I am non-judgmental in my work with clients. I find that human beings are immensely creative when it comes to coping with life. There might be something about you that you find unacceptable or shameful, but to me it would just be an interesting way that you found to deal with circumstances in your life. If it works for you, we leave it alone. If it doesn't work, we change it without judging it.

Second, the work I do goes beyond traditional talk therapy and can be very transformative for clients who are ready to “go deep.” This often includes individuals who have seen multiple therapists and are ready to tackle significant challenges. I utilize a range of modalities that help clients get out of their heads and access the wisdom of their bodies, where deep and lasting change happens.

Finally, I'm committed to helping my clients achieve real progress. We all have a need to have our stories heard and our upsets acknowledged. However, my strength is in ultimately helping you change the story rather than simply validating it. If you are looking for a therapist that will primarily provide empathic listening, I'm probably not your guy.

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Ted Riskin, LCSW